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The UK Filk Awards presented at  2emi6reve 2014

Administrator: Lissa Allcock.  Awards made by Ωmega.

Best Serious

Empty Chair Phil Allcock
Firefly Thesilée
Life on Mars Alison Richards
Lizzie, guard your heart Annie Walker
Man out of Time Steffi
Ophelia Marilisa
Superheroes Never Die Christo
Winner: Superheroes Never Die Christo

Best Silly

British 101 Zander
Death to the Immortals Christo
Lord of the Ring Roads Zander
The Cyberchondriac's Lament
(aka FallingOffLegitis)
Where have all the towels gone? Tim Walker
Winner: British 101 Zander

At con

Three Headed Girl Christo and the Audience
Wild to be Born
(or Destiny's Child)
Cosmic Trifle
The Choir nMC
Sam's Song nMC
Alert Silke
Logical Progression Steve Mac
The Filkcon Tango The six [ahem] ladies
Winner: The Filkcon Tango The six [ahem] ladies

Filk Gold

Afraid of the Dark Valerie
Following our Dreams Lawrence Dean
Golden Gypsy Phil Allcock
Halfway There Mike Whitaker
Lord of Halflight FanTom
Mobile Phobia Lawrence Dean
Queue for a Song Lawrence Dean
Stop Singing Ose Paul Kwinn
Winner: Afraid of the Dark Valerie

The Filkcon Tango, written by Deborah Crook and performed as part of her GoH spot, is a filk of Cell Block Tango from 'Chicago'.
Six ladies each explained their reason for and method used to kill Phil Allcock.
The performers were Marilisa, Mich, Annie, Valerie, Anne, and Abi, with Phil sitting in front.