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The UK Filk Awards presented at aXXIdental 2009

Administrator: Melusine

The SAMs were dressed as accident victims (bandaged limbs, crutches, etc.)

Best Serious

Dies the Fire Tim and Annie Walker
Ghost House Emily Raftery
Kitchen Heroes Talis
Plum Velvet Talis
Stay with the Mermaids Emily Raftery
The High Street Talis
Winner: Kitchen Heroes Talis Kimberley

Best Silly

Blizzard Britain Soir
Hand in the Cookie Jar Bill Sutton
I Have Survived Alexa
I Won't Do That Dragster
LoLcats Stacy (of Dragster)
My Baggage Has Landed Peter Westhead
Sex after CPAP Brenda Sutton
The Hunted Crooklets
What if there were no hypothetical questions? Sib
Where Fandom Sings Nat
Winner: My Baggage Has Landed Peter Westhead

At con

My Berlin Alexa
Amazing Piano Solo in the Dragster set Chris Smith
22 Sax Songs Hitch
Favorite Son Julie Chilton
Simon in "Before the Dawn"
Seeing Red Tim and Annie Walker
Valerie in "Before the Dawn"
Winner: Simon in "Before the Dawn"

Filk Gold

Dawn Rhodri James
Ebb Tide and Flow Vanessa Chan
Hamsters in Heaven Stacy, with music by Mich
Night Dragon Chris Smith, with music by Mich
Oil Fired Stanley Price Zander
Pippin's Song Julie Chilton
Song of the Women The Countess
Stepchild Gwen Knighton Raftery
Winner: Dawn Rhodri James