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The UK Filk Awards presented at Cre2c3ndo 2011

Administrator: Lissa Allcock.

Awards, made by Melusine, Miki and Ωmega, were based on a suggestion Tiggy made at Van der Filk as to what Melusine could wear to the ceremony – black or red full ballroom gown since "It isn't all over until the Fat Lady Sings".  This brought the Queen of the Night aria to mind and from there we got the other three…
Best Serious Song: Queen of the Night from The Magic Flute (dressed by Melusine)
Best Silly Song: Jester from Rigaletto (dressed by Miki)
At Con Performance: Toreador from Carmen (dressed by Miki)
Filk Gold: Valkyere from Die Walküre – female Viking costume (dressed by Melusine with weaponry by Ωmega)
Melusine wore red and black to present the awards, in keeping with the con logo.  The 'certificates' were small librettos containing information about the SAM awarded, the nominations and winner results

Best Serious

Don't Leave Me Alone Jackie Mitchell
Drinking with the Man in the Moon Brenda Sutton
Future Beige Christo
Nine Hundred and Ninety Nine Stories Marilisa and Mich
Nothing Ever Happens Soir
One Left Behind Phil Allcock
Pageant Legend Katy and Ju
Pride Mike Richards
Winner: Don't Leave Me Alone Jackie Mitchell

Best Silly

All We Wee Free Men Brenda Sutton
The Knitting Girl Kamen
My Dalek comes to bed with me The Crooklets
One Little Con Bill and Brenda Sutton
Sex after C-PAP Brenda Sutton
Superstore Harvest Rita Michell
What shall we do with a large collider Mike Richards and Paul Bristow
Winner: My Dalek comes to bed with me The Crooklets

At con

Circle of One Christo
Jenny's Chickens (variation) Christo
Rivalry between Harp and Lyre Clare Goodall
Mordred's Lullaby Heather Dale and the audience
Superman Sexlife Boogie Jared Walker
OMG WTF BBQ Marilisa, Mich, Peter & Katie
Merlin n'MC
the Ashes set … just because they rock! Phoenix
Alles in Ordnung (Mina's Song) Silke
Women with drums The Suttons
Winner: Phoenix for the Ashes set … just because they rock!

Filk Gold

Golden Gypsy Phil Allcock
Mina's Song Zander
Mordred's Lullaby Heather Dale
One of Us Heather Dale
Persuasion FanTom
Science Fiction Eyes Christo
The Soul Franklin
Winner: Mina's Song Zander

Mini Sam
This was a special award presented to Ωmega to recognise all her hard work in creating the SAMs in recent years.
It was a small version of the SAM and had been 'dressed' by Jared Walker using Fimo – black waistcoated SAM holding a mini SAM in one hand and a paintbrush in the other.