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The UK Filk Awards presented at Decadence 1998

Administrator: Erica Neely

Best Serious Song since VIbraphone: Anna, by Phil Allcock
Runner Up: This Lady's Not Leaving, by Valerie Housden

Best Humourous Song since VIbraphone: Suddenly Eeyore, by Chris Malme

Best Rip-Off since VIbraphone: Song of the Men (Laundry Song), by Tom Holt
Runner Up: Bang Today (Ranger at Midnight), by Anne Whitaker and Anne Walker
Runner Up: C.M.O.T. (Pies), by Phil Allcock

Best Dressed Filker: Brian Biddle (Pilgrim)

Best New Song first performed at Decadence: Suddenly Igor, by Brian Biddle
Runner Up: Nu San Fellani, by Anne Walker

Committee's Discretionary Award: Best New Filker at Decadence: Oliver Thornton

Runner Up awards were given in the categories where a song lost by one vote; obviously in the Rip-Off category there was a tie.