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The UK Filk Awards presented at Dixseption 2005

Administrator: Melusine

Best Serious

A Thousand Nights Franklin and Katy
Brothers and Sisters Lawrence Dean
Companions' Christmas Terence Chua
Dancing in the Water Emily and Marilisa
Game (Steerpike) Peter Westhead
Just Beyond Mich Sampson
Light of Love Hilary Ann
Nemesis Naomi Rivkis
Ten Years Talis Kimberley
When Winters Past Emily Raftery
Winner: Just Beyond Mich Sampson

Best Silly

960s Dragster
Always a Bastard Teddy and Lissa
Beer! Bill Sutton
Close your eyes Daniel Glasser
Dreams are Made of Dragster
East of My Kind Dave Weingart
Spiral Stairway Minstrel
Monkeys on the Moon Christo
Rat Monster Emily Raftery
The Beacon Men of Gondor Phil Allcock
Trial and Worry DJ Bass
Winner: The Beacon Men of Gondor Phil Allcock

At con

1000 Ships (in Greek) Mich and Marilisa
Down in the Lobby Deborah C
Duck Song Lissa and Teddy
Light of Love Hilary Ann
Gandalf the Red Dragster
Puss in Boots Valerie
Winner: Gandalf the Red Dragster

Filk Gold

Alien Jelly Fish Song Christo
A Mind Such as Mine Minstrel
Beauty and the Beast Paul Bristow
Blue Flame Valerie
Golden Gypsy Phil Allcock
Halfway There Ann and Mike Whitaker
Ozymandius Dave Weingart
Reasons Mike Whitaker
The Long Road GKs
Voyager Rhodri James
Will Ye Come Back Home Mike Richards
Without a Tomorrow GKs
Winner: Will Ye Come Back Home Mike Richards

The Filklore Award

The Filklore Award for most memorable lyrics posted to the FILK_UK mail-list was not presented this year, as there are very few filk songs posted there now.