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The UK Filk Awards presented at Duple Time 2012

Administrator: Lissa Allcock.  Awards made by Melusine, Ωmega, Miki and Teddy.
This year the SAMs shrank from 12" to 8" and came as a pair since they were dancing couples (details in the order they were first shown to the audience).
The SAM for Filk Gold is La Volta, a pair of Elizabethans dressed by Miki.
The SAM for Best Serious Song is "dancing cheek to cheek" with Fred dressed by Ωmega and Ginger dressed by Teddy.
The SAM for Best Silly Song is Morris Dancers dressed by Melusine with millinery by Ωmega.
The SAM for At Con Performance is that classic striking dance, the Tango, painted by Ωmega with textiles by Melusine.
The SAMs were presented by Melusine (red crushed velvet gown and black accessories).  Certificates - shaped like the score holders on Strictly Come Dancing with a 24 on display.

Best Serious

Concrete Wilderness Stacy Smith (sung by Nat)
Honour of His Mother The Crooklets
In My Dreams Jackie
John Zander
My Berlin Valerie (lyrics only)
Spoon Talis
Winner: Spoon Talis

Best Silly

Boom Shadow Nat
Cake Jackie
Chocolate Some Bloke Called Doug
Empty Tables Phil Allcock
Old McDonald had a form Some Bloke Called Doug
Silver Rule Sebastian Kinder
Winner: Silver Rule Sebastian Kinder

At con

Annie Whitaker and Audience I'm a Kazoo (old song, gnu words)
Castrophy Hamsters in Heaven
Chantell Lady Moon
The Crooklets Long Time Ago
Jackie Revolution
Steffi Does Anyone (stand by me)
Phoenix with Jared Superman's Sex Life Boogie
Peter Westhead and Soir March of the Can't Breathe
Some Bloke Called Doug Old McDonald had a form
Steffi Kassandra
Talis Clever Men
Zander & Co You'll Take The Real World
Winner: March of the Can't Breathe Peter Westhead and Soir

Filk Gold

Captain Bugger All Dragster
Hamsters in Heaven Stacy and Mich
Lady Green Tim and Annie Walker
Lord of Halflight FanTom
Seeing Red Annie Walker
Silver Dragon Kerstin Lübke
Solar Sailors Rhodri
Turn Back the Tide Michael Greiner - arranged by Phoenix
Winner: Turn Back the Tide Michael Greiner, arranged by Phoenix (collected by Mike Whitaker)

A Sam for Keris
A special Sam award was made by Ωmega to be placed in Keris' coffin.