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The UK Filk Awards presented at Enharmonicon 2018

Administrator: Melusine.  Awards made by Ωmega.

Best Silly

D'Ascoyne Ballad FanTom
Little Cogs Minstrel
KT's Song KT
Put It On A List Talis Kimberley
Somewhere That's Cheap The Crooklets
Warlock's Song The Crooklets
Winner: Somewhere That's Cheap The Crooklets

Best Serious

Galehaut Marilisa Valtazanou
Head In The Stars The Crooklets
The Only Wave Annie Griffith
This Was The Year Talis Kimberley
Time For Parting Phil Allcock
Winner: This Was The Year Talis Kimberley

At con

Stage Fright KT
Techno Nerd Boy --- Translated From English To English
Via German, Russian, French, Czech, Italian
and Japanese
Marilisa Valtazanou and Franklin Gunkelmann
The Cake Lissa Allcock
The Shenanigans The Con
Valentina's Dance Betsy Tinney
Wreck Of The Martian Observer Sunnie Larsen
Winner: The Cake Lissa Allcock
This was for the anniversary cake that she baked.
An about full size guitar, with the badges of the various conventions round it.

Filk Gold

A Mind Such As Mine Minstrel
LadyHawke Minstrel
Like Their Feet Have Wings Gwen Knighton Raftery
Nazgul Kate Soley-Barton
Pies Phil Allcock
Vor Bill Sutton
Winner: Pies Phil Allcock
Yes, they performed it in the Awards Concert. Yes, with all the actions.