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The UK Filk Awards presented at VIbraphone 1994

Administrator: Valerie Housden

Best serious: Boy in a Room by Minstrel
Best Humorous: The Old Ones by Zander Nyrond
Best rip off: Washing day by Phil Allcock and Anne Whitaker (Tune: Swing the Cat by Meg Davis)
Best new song first performed at VIbraphone: Falling Down on the Queen by Tom Smith

Plus two new categories:
Best performance: Chancing Blame by Razing Arizona
All Time Great: Sam's Song by Zander Nyrond and Soren Nyrond

Note: Razing Arizona were: Martin Gordon-Kerr, Adam Heath, Valerie Housden, Minstrel, Smitty and roadie/stage-manager Ninja Bear.

Note: Songs that had won in a particular category the previous time could not be nominated for that category again. They could be nominated for a different category. They could also be nominated for more than one category.