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The UK Filk Awards presented at XIlophone 1999

Administrator: Phil Allcock

The XIlophone Fillk Awards were known as the Sams. The awards consisted of a gold figurine (an artists wooden figure as used for drawing poses, painted gold) with Nyrondish hair and beard added.

Best Serious since Transept

Love Song for Friends Annie and Tim Walker
The Listener Lawrence Dean
Wilderwood Annie and Tim Walker
This Lady isn't Leaving Valerie Housden
Arden Zander Nyrond
Delenn's Dilemma Erica Neely
Childhood's End Mike Whitaker
Lady Green nominated 4th but withdrawn at author's request
Winner: Love Song for Friends (margin 17 votes to 10)

Best Silly since Transept

Eregthei Khukhed Dan Bennett
Terror Time in Lancre Yooh
Bang Today! Tim/Annie/Anne/Mike
S & M Penguins Annie Walker
Bogton Boys Paul Bristow
Falling down on Z'ha'dum Philip Allcock
Winner: Eregthei Khukhed - definitely! (margin 18 votes to 11)

All-time award

Before the Dawn Mike Whitaker
Following in Valentina's Footsteps Valerie Housden
Sir Jock of the Sword Zander Nyrond
Grief in Little Pieces Talis/Phil
Still Catch the Tide Talis
Music has a Strong Magic Gytha
Winner: Before the Dawn (margin 19 votes to 10)

'At con' award for XIlophone

Written nominations: 
Temper of Revenge (unplugged) Phoenix & friends
My wardrobe door Claire Parsons
Thanks Joe Rhodri James
The Listener Lawrence Dean
Bang Today - the slush version Annie & Franklin
The Lady as performed by Dave and Tom
Lawrence breaking a string...  
6:45 Annie/Tim
Winner: The Listener (margin 10 votes to 7)