Chingford Morris Men

The Chingford Morrismen first danced out in 1962. Our own dances began to be developed soon after that, and we perform these almost exclusively. They are in the Cotswold style - six dancers to a set, using wooden sticks or handkerchiefs.

In addition to the dancers, you may see two further characters: The Fool, who adds an element of fun and encourages audience participation, whilst the ram "Goldenballs" is our symbolic beast, personifying the fertility aspect of the dance.

We also perform mixed and ladies clog dances from the north-west of England. These are based on dances from Gala Days and Rushbearing ceremonies in the cotton-mill towns, where clogs were worn for work.

The Chingford dancers can be recognised by the colours of red, yellow and green. Our badge is adapted from the old Chingford Borough arms, with elements representing Epping Forest, the "mighty" River Ching, and the county of Essex.

Most of our performances take place during the summer, at public houses, fetes and festivals. We are also to be seen at other times, notably every Boxing Day - where you can experience an original and topical "Mummers" play in Waltham Abbey, and High Beech in Epping Forest.