Didgeri-Douze convention report by Chris Conway

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Hi all,
Actually - i don't do impressions, but I thought I would jot down a thought or two about some lasting impressions of the fab time I had at Didge12. This is just what I'm thinking now off the top of my head, so if I don't mention something here, I might easily have put it if I'd written it tomorrow - and I don't have program to hand so like I said - thoughts - here - now - in no order whatsoever...

* I remember how strange it felt doing my set to all these familiar faces that I hadn't yet had the time to meet - eg Allison, Debbie, Katie & Juliane etc. Wonderful audience response - thanks to all :-) (PS, I did Replicator Malfunction Blues at a jazz gig this w/e as a controlled experiment. Not a smile was cracked, not a chuckle, chuckled ...sigh)
* meeting the rest of UT (I'd met Jodi already - always a delight to reaquant, tho) and Decedant Dave Clement was special for me. Would liked to've jammed more with him - maybe we'll get some time at Winterdrum
* Just Playin Folk - a delicious quirky set - set me up for the day.
* Phoenix - They came - they saw - they rocked.....and we bopped. Elvis is alive and well and living in Gravesend. And Annie Walker was BORN to do her thing on stage! I also remember a mellow one they did with wafty keyboards and vocal harmonies - i just have the sound in my head - no song title, I'm afraid. I loved the way they swapped positions every number or so.
* NMC - a revelation - I want the CD!
* breakfast amongst the rubble with Valerie and Smitty.
   S, "you'll have to fit in somewhere - there' not clearing anything away"
   V, " I notice tho that there is someone just clearing away the cups"
   Sure enough there was a lad picking his way through the rubble just taking the cups. Hmmn... I laughed at lotsa things like that. Maybe the guy who does the plates comes in on Mondays only.
* UT's gig - so slick - I love the new stuff even more than the old. A 3 part harmony one of Debbies and Jodi's Amanda and the one by Allison with overlapping vocal lines they did in the circle and the gig. In fact Allison really impressed me as a performer. She really gives out and she's a real engine in the band - I hadn't expected that from the CD. I'da liked to do some playing over her songs sometime. I love the way their respective skills combine. Phil's "He's a guy" lines were brilliantly chosen and timed!
* The closing ceremony with Zander & the team singing Sam's Song - SOOO moving! I gotta lump in my throat just thinking about it. - This is probably THE most lasting impression for me of Didge12. I will always remember it. I gotta have that tape he told me it's on - coulda kicked myself for not picking up a copy there. I hope it makes it onto the Con tape. Zander is such a star!
* hugs
* Erica's songs, voice and eyes.
* Patchwork - excellent sounds - tight too
* the auction - I enjoyed that.
* Star Wars bondage dolls ... er... I still don't really understand....
* laughing
* Talis and Simon's romantic song in the circle and Simons wonderful bassooning! esp on Death Came to my Party (whatever title)
* Harps
* Valerie
* Fun in the circles - had a coupla sweet whistling jams with Rika I remember - oh yeah I remember flying with Minstrel too. Traded toots with Dan Bennet too, that was fun. I know I shamelessly overplay - sorry if that bugged anyone - I can't stop playing along with what's going on. I'm a musicaholic. I can't help myself.
* Meeting the Germans I hadn't met already and seeing those I knew already
* Genuine respect for the GKs and sound team.
* Clothes - some cats know how to really do it right - Teddy's colours, Erica's leather, Smitty's tube, Zander's Chinese Ensemble, Melusine's groovy green Punjabi suit, Anke's amazing outfits, The Countess's creations, Fan Toms Courtly attire etc. I felt quite dowdy by comparison.
* Enjoyed brief flopping chat with Annie Tim & Smitty in A & T's room. A window of nice tired quiet talk among friends.
* Meeting Teddy, sadly only briefly.
* So many warm feelings for the concom. What a team, what a job, what groovy people.

Regrets - I've had a few, but then again....
* Chaos, space and time dictated I missed seeing/hearing as much of Lawrence, Dave Clement, Erica, Taking the Mic, Katie & Ju as I wanted
* Maybe've liked lots of smaller circles so one could sample different atmospheres from time to time. Mind you I am a fidgit, these days. No reflection on the music, and it was nice to get to hear everyone, but I don't sit still that long to do anything these days.
* Sorry so many got ill at the Indian restaurant. Not nice
* Didn't get to chat/sing more with Erica
* Wish my set had been better organised...well in fact I wish it had been organised at all :-)
* Not having/finding time to sing Annie's Old Gods that I half learned - Actually woulda loved hearing more Wilderwood.
* Liked to've chatted more with UT - but they were busy bunnies, of course.
* Leaving you all


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