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Eboracon programme

19:00Opening CeremonyIn Eboracon's main programme room
20:00What is Filk?An introduction to the variety of music found in Filk
22:00Mike WhitakerAn hour of music from one of the UK's original filkers
 Late night filkingIn case you don't want any sleep...
11:00Instaband sign-up + microphone workshopSee programme book for explanation of Instabands. Come get involved and while you're at it we can show you how to use a microphone
12:00Philip AllcockAn hour of music from another of the UK's original filkers
14:00GoH - Katy & Yooh (14:00 to 15:30)Our Guests of Honour strut their stuff
16:00Pegasus Nominees concertA sampling of the songs that have been nominated for the Pegasus awards this year plus a chance to vote on them
18:00SteveMacSteve MacDonald, all the way from America
20:00Filk from GermanyNot all in German! German filk is often distinct from the variety found in the UK.
23:00WorlDream rehearsalLearn the song in advance. Not essential but might be helpful
 Late night filkingIn case you still don't want any sleep...
11:00WorlDream recordingTake part in a performance recording to bring fans around the world closer together
14:00Instabands performanceThis is when all those people who joined a band yesterday show what they can do now
15:00Mich Sampson and Talis Kimberley2 separate performances from opposite ends of the filk experience chart
17:00Closing CeremonyIn Eboracon's main programme room
 Poorly puppy filking 

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