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Steve Macdonald is intending to visit all nine filk conventions this year, and record a song sung by all the filkers at all these cons. See his WorlDream Page.

He also wants to record up to three other songs from each convention. He will select songs from these to fill out the CD he will be releasing. The choice of song is up to each convention.

So we need to select three songs for HarmUni. These should be representative of the convention - that is, mainly, they should be songs from the UK filk fans rather than from other countries.

The actual final selection will be done by the committee, but we need suggestions from you for us to select from. Please let us know what songs you think should be included. There is no limit on number of suggestions from any one person, and no reason not to suggest one of your own songs.

Use this feedback form or email your suggestions to

Please give enough information for me to identify the song. Not just "The one by Wossname that goes Dum Di Dum Dum"!

It would also help if you can give other information, such as why you think the song should be included or where the words are available.

Songs suggested so far
Title     Author
Love Song for Friends     Annie Walker
Feed Me!     Colin Fine
Precious Moments     Philip Allcock
Cantata Contabile     Anthony Gilbert
Three Days Away     Mike Whitaker
The Boy in the Room     Chris Malme
Ancient Sky     Talis Kimberley
Following in Valentina's Footsteps     Valerie Housden
The Alien Jellyfish Song     Chris Conway
Librarian, Song of the     Kate Soley

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