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The UK Filk Awards presented at 1812Tone 2006

Administrator: Melusine

Best Serious

Night Dragon Dragster
Parting Deborah
One Small Boat Marilisa
Tsunami Song Lawrence Dean
Lullaby Mich Sampson
The Breaking of Everything Sam Baardman
Yes Gwen Knighton
Winner: Circle of One Chris Conway

Best Silly

Justice League of Anglia Dragster
Santa On Line Dragster
Burn the Heretic Fen Boys Chris Conway
Captain Jack & The Doctor Rhodri James
You were right Bill and Gretchen Roper
Head of a pin Talis Kimberley
Winner: Daddy's Little - Oh Amy! Phil Allcock

At con

Wizards Song Bill Roper
Crimson & Crystal Phoenix
Power of a Song Divine Dragster
How We Are Remembered Piers Cawley
One Little Con Bill Sutton
Jesus's Brother Bob Corwin Kimberley
Justin's Song Mich et al
Winner: Ladyhawke Jared Walker

Filk Gold

Halfway There Anne and Mike Whitaker
Leviathan's Farewell Mike Whitaker
Alien Salad Abduction Chris Conway
Hunter Mich Sampson
Winner: Death Danced At My Party Talis Kimberley