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The UK Filk Awards presented at Con27ilkin 2015

Administrator: Lissa Allcock.  Awards made by Ωmega.

Best Silly

Damn You Autocorrect! Phil Allcock
Meetings Phil Allcock
Poor Little Cosy Becca Leathers
Rapunzel for Beginners Bill Laubenheimer
The Heroes Jackie Mitchell
This Dalek needs a Ramp Liz Crook
Winner: This Dalek needs a Ramp Liz Crook

Best Serious

All the Birds are Gone Talis Kimberley
Keris's Guitar Gwen Knighton-Raftery
Middle Ages Playing Rapunzel
Ophelia Playing Rapunzel
Pilgrim on the Milky Way Anna Smith
Winner: Middle Ages Playing Rapunzel

At con

My Berlin (English) Alexa Klettner
The History of the Trojan War Clare Goodall
Mina's Katie's Song Katie Howe
For Good Playing Rapunzel
Home Playing Rapunzel
his plea to win a SAM, a one-line joke Robert Maughan
Groots Steve MacDonald
Moonlander Steve MacDonald
Winner: The History of the Trojan War Clare Goodall

Filk Gold

Fal Morgan Pat Silver
Feed Me! Colin Fine
Sir Jock of the Sword Zander Nyrond
Lord of Halflight FanTom
Winner: Feed Me! Colin Fine

Mich and Marilisa had had to leave early and Mich was on the road,
so for the Sams concert they propped a tablet up at the front and Marilisa sang
the winning song via Facetime, having quickly written a guitar accompaniment.