North West Dance Repertoire

Chingford first danced mixed clog in public in July 1994 at the Traveller's Friend, Woodford Green, Essex. This followed several years when the men performed North West dances and the Chingford Tradition before ladies joined.

Godley Hill

The first dance introduced to the mixed group, and used previously by the side. Set of eight using sticks. Music: Boatmen's Dance, Tight Little Island, Gary Owen, Bonny Dundee, Cross Caper.

Black Rod (Horwich no.2)

Set of eight or occasionally four, using sticks. Music: Hundred Pipers.

The First Dance

Dance from Basing Clog. Set of eight using sticks. Music: Cock of the North.

Three Hand Reel

Step dance for multiples of three, without sticks. Music: Bobby Shaftoe.

Take Five

Dance given by Owd Ooty, a mixed clog side from Oughtibridge near Sheffield, who joined our weekend of dance with Grenoside Sword Dancers. Square set of four with one dancer in the centre, using sticks. Music: Sheffield Hornpipe.

Jack's Knuts

Treacle Eater Clog's adaptation of Knutsford, learned at a workshop. Six dancers using long sticks held by the butts. Music: Barren Rocks of Aden, Maggie in the Wood.

Colne Royal

Dance used previously by the men's side, for eight dancers using long sticks held by the butts. Music: March of the Sherwood Foresters, Oyster Girl, Rosin the Beau

Grenoside Processional Garland Dance

Dance for multiples of three using garlands, composed in 1951 at Grenoside to represent the Grenoside Sword Dance movements. Music: Roxburgh Castle.


Dance given by Fiddler's Brook from Sawbridgeworth, for six or eight dancers using sticks. Music: The Doldrum.

Ashton Under Lyne

Dance adapted from figures used by Ashton New Moss Colliery Lads 1956, for a set of eight dancers using short sticks. Music: Brighton Camp.

Green Willow

Garland dance for multiples of four, learned at a workshop from Black Bull Clog. Music: Speed the Plough.

Chingford North West Kit

Men: White shirt, black breeches, red socks. Bowler hat with flowers and ribbons red, yellow, green. Beads, bells on garters, black clogs.
Ladies: White shirt, black skirt, red socks. Beads, black clogs.