Van der Filk

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The UK Filk Awards presented at Van der Filk 2010

Administrator: Melusine

The SAMs were dressed in Dutch costume, holding tulips.

Best Serious

Burn It Down Vixy and Tony
Desolation Mike Whitaker
14:00 Hours Talis Kimberley
Jonathan's Song Zander
Kitten on a train Soir
Letter from his sister Zander and Valerie
Pride Mike Richards
Winner: 14:00 Hours Talis Kimberley

Best Silly

Afraid of the Shark Phil Allcock
I Don't Get You Bill Sutton
Logical Progression Steve Mac
Rich Footballer's Wives Zander
The Filk Singing Song Piers
The Tribble Song Nat
Toast is on Fire Azakir (Chris Smith)
Winner: Afraid of the Shark
(by one point)
Phil Allcock

At con

A Change of Heart Talis Kimberley
Morgoth and Sullivan nMC
Perfect Azakir (Chris Smith)
Where's Your School Bag! The Crooklets
Whistle/Recorder Duel Christo and Tim Walker
Zonky Ponky Christo
Winner: Where's Your School Bag! The Crooklets

Filk Gold

Blood and Roses Vanessa Chan
Lord of Halflight FanTom
Mobile Phobia Lawrence Dean/td>
Robinton Valerie
Winner: Robinton Valerie